Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Poems out of jet lag

Jet lag
Stretching arms
Aching knees
Slowing sighs

Calm eyes
With no pinch of sleep
Lots of thoughts
That controlled breath

Longing loneliness
Identity of the nothing
It's beauty I realize
Through this piece of note.

Value Stone
Dreaming to be a value stone
On the chain of history
That is one billion years long
And has minimum age of earth...

Civilizations, kings and prophets
Ages, dynasties and emperors
Looking back on to them
Many are big and charm...

From one to another
From here to there
Of only five thousand years
That data too is only vaguely clear...

Voyages, explorations and attacks
Are only to name a few
That created the log of history
Is still a wonderful mystery!

Concerns and boastings
Though I realize my life is nothing
And my value stone too might be absent
On that age old string...

Oh! my Lord!
You, the only Planner
Bless me on this planet
To lay my value stone...

Over the Pacific ocean
Through the open lands
Feeling fragrance
Of the flowing tunes.

Though distant
That built a wall
Consciousness can break
Across the toughest dark.

Natter and sharing
Through the unknown means
I truly wonder
What a magic these.

Making vibrant
And blowing reflections
Silly mind has
Dazzling musings on...