Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mind of a Terrorist

We are in a world where there are many discussions are undergoing and tactics are applied to check Terrorism and it is a fact that Islam is being portryaed as a supplier of Terrorism. I would like to give some thoughts for you in this regrad, admitting that there are many situations where people fight in the name of religion, but that is not the actual way.

From the Islamic perspective, islam can’t support any military operation unless it is taken by an Islamic government as a strategic fight against other country. And Quran clearly says killing an innocent person is same as killing the whole of the man kind. And it also denies killing women and children who are usually not a part of the war.

But fighting against soldiers who are involved in the battle is a way of fight. So in this respect the fighting and resistance in Palestine against Israel soldiers is a true fight for their home land, agreeing that Palastines has committed so many faults in their fight. Considering the basic reasons, they are fighting for the freedom of their motherland.

I would like to share some thoughts particularly on suicide bombings. This issue has many serious and significant dimensions that, I think, most of us haven’t thought on. I would like to summarize some things…

1. Suicide bombing is not a monopoly act that is practiced only by muslims. It is an agreed fact that, this brutal way of fight is first innovated and utilized by LTTE in Srilanka, later it spread over to Palestine, Afghan and now to Iraq. There in an Indian Intelligence report that LTTE militants are training Maoists in Nepal and Bihar, near Nepal boarder. In Lebanon in the 1980s, of those suicide attackers, only eight were Islamic fundamentalists. Twenty-seven were Communists and Socialists. Three were Christians. This means that mind of a suicide bomber is not nurtured by a specific religion ideology but there are other things that drive them along …what is that?

2. If you analyze around the globe, we can realize that suicide bombers are seen in areas where other countries invade and deploy their troops. They use suicide bombs as a tactical means to threaten the political regime and pressurize them so that they will leave their homeland. They say that the rebel leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, runs a highly-disciplined organization in which suicide attacks are seen as a vital part of the struggle to establish an independent Tamil state. In these cases, suicide bombers target more count in mortality, so that will have more influence on the government or invading troops. For example, once US troops went back from Lebanon, Hisbulla terminated the path of suicide bombings. Actually before that, Hizbulla had campaigned for suicide bombings. After that Hizbulla was become a political party.

3. Look at Iraq, before US invasion; there is no evidence of having suicide bombers in Iraq. If suicide bombing is motivated by Islam, it should be seen from Iran and Saudi Arabia. Iran has three times muslim population compared to Iraq. But there is no suicide bombings happening in Iran. This means invasion and occupation from a foreign land matters as it is a feeling of fight for freedom of one’s homeland.

4. Coming to the Arabian Peninsula, there are more than 150000 US troops there and people living there understand it as a serious strategic risk for their country’s security. So in this regard, they will fight to close down those camps. And the peculiarity with most Arabian and Middle East countries is that, the ruling regime will be supporting the invaders for many reasons. So people or a group of people resists this invasion. Whenever there is a direct support from the government, invaders can’t enter the country easily. That is what the situation in Iraq and Cuba. So it is natural that there will be more conflicts in this area.

5. And many of these suicide bombers are involved in this because of their life experiences. In their case, their family members or close relatives may be murdered due to military operations and in opposition; they find suicide bombing as an easy way to react. In these cases also religion doesn’t matter a lot.

You could hear similar kind of thoughts from many scholars and historians. One among them is Robert Pope. He explains his views in his book “Dying to Win – Logic of suicide Terrorism”. If you have time, please read below two pages…

So from all of these, I understand spread of suicide bombing in today’s context as a psychological resistance from a group of people. All this doesn’t mean that I completely support suicide bombing…rather I was trying to read the minds of a suicide bomber.

As a human and talking from a muslim stand point, we can’t support bombings in Mumbai since it is completely a terrorist act killing innocent people, whatever may be the reasons and explanations given. But use of suicide bombing in Palestine is for a noble cause… it is not terrorism… it is a resistance and fight for freedom of homeland. That means suicide bombing can be used as a method of fighting like any other method (fighting with sword, bombs, mines…) if the war is for a noble cause and is valid.

Having said all these, I would suggest a peaceful way of fighting as an alternative for fighting like Tibetans do against Chinese tortures. But it depends on many things. How can a Palestinian just stand when Israel bombs and strikes on them? So modes of resistance depends on the situation, demography etc.

There are many other factors which matters in this topic itself… we can argue them later if discussion continues… Hope, opinions that are shared is clear to you and if any clarification is needed, I am happy to discuss and if there is any error you can point out it and more than happy to correct it. And if there is any opinion that you can’t realize lets discuss here peacefully for our goodness.

May GOD help us to understand the truth!!!

Note: This articles includes excerpts from various web pages in addition to my own thoughts.
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