Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ramanagaram Trip

Last Saturday[2nd Dec,2006] we, a group of 12, went on a trip to Ramanagaram. The spot is around 50 kilometer away from Banagalore city along Mysore road. We started by 12.30 pm from Bangalore and reached Basavana Pura by 2’o clock. The trip was “outsourced” and so our organizer Lalit had arranged lunch at the base camp Thimayya Academy. We played volleyball for one hour; it was my longest volleyball practice. After that we did Obstacle River crossing, sorry there was no water underneath, but we could experience a flavor of what and how people do that.

Along with our instructor, we went for chimney climbing. The location is full of rocks and shrubs. Those rocks are too gigantic in size and attractive in shape. We could see huge rocks tempting to fall down. It was adventurous to walk and jump form rock to rock along with the thorny plants. Some times rocks revenged me pretending that they are strong enough to hold my foot steps, but they toppled when I stepped on them. There is a special spot for chimney climbing. This activity was an unexpected one. There are two parallel rocks separated by around 50cms, we have to climb up between those rocks using our arms, back, knees and legs… execution algorithm is some thing like this… lock yourself using foot and knees and move up by putting weight on your palms along with sliding on your back. My shirt torn as it pressed over the rough rock. There was a man who protect us from falling down, he hold the thread which is tied to our waist. The separation between the rocks is more at the top and it was difficult and interesting to tackle the last step.

Next item was rappelling. By this time, sun had shut off its lights, but moon was there as a torch for us. It was almost full moon. The location and the arrangement of the rock are too cute. The rock is almost 150 foot in height and rough. First interesting thing is that, there is a sloppy way to climb up the rock. Once we reach there, we put ourselves to a seat belt kind of thing, which will be hooked to a long rope running down the rock to the ground. Instructor created a free-lock arrangement with the rope which we can control while we move down. Arrangement was done to do this two at a time. We have to lean back and apply force back to move down the rock. I was really amazed at the way human tackle difficulties with tactics. Here the idea was some tricks with knots. If we want to stop on the way down, we have to just hold the thread allocated to your left and right arms. And the scariest moment was when I started my descending where we gradually change from horizontal orientation to vertical orientation.

Next item was the most dreamt one when I decided to go to Ramanagaram…night trekking. We decided to walk through the reserved forest. We had two torches with us along with some good “torchy” mobiles. Instructor led the pack, it was around 7 pm by that time and it was completely dark. Instructor cautioned us that Ramanagaram is famous for snakes especially vipers. The path was full of shrubs and bamboos. Though we couldn’t see any animals and creatures, we enjoyed the walk, since we expected anything in front of us at each moment. We walked for around 45 minutes and at last we reached near the base camp. Time was 8.30 pm.

Compared to Coorg trek, this time the scene was of rocky touch, looks like they are balancing the earth in some way. And their surface is clean without any plants on them, which felt that they are proud and rough.
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