Monday, July 02, 2007

Bubbling Mind

Life is felt to be full of contradictions, uncertainties, unfinished decisions, strange thoughts, loneliness, continuously changing judgments, unsatisfied partitioning and utilization of time and effort, suspected prioritization and vacuumed sections of entire life… still I am pleasant, healthy, stout, energetic, active and confident, which reveals my contradictory life. I am scared of things happening around the mind, the third eye. Weak mind crushes on feeble reasons. I don’t know if the feelings are positive or encouraging. may be the deeper
thoughts and meanings read and stitched on all matters weigh a lot and affect the senses of mind. It is always hard to accommodate and deal with diversity in life… sections of life always cross link each other, even after prioritizing the execution neatly. I don't really know if the priorities are pleasing and have a good future. Thinking patterns dances with a complex rhythm behind, having an unknown wavelength... suppressed waves comes behind as echoes and do peaking sometimes, I see them as the remains of past, the learning of past and a moment to be calm and realizing. I shape those peaks, blunt the sharp edges and hardness so that next time it comes, it won’t hurt me much. There is really no one else other than God to whom we can express the ripples of mind, the great reader of thought patterns… putting things in his hand is the best intelligent decision one can do. The great happiness we feel even at these kinds of agitating moments.
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